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Welcome to the DOH Academy Platform!

The DOH Academy platform shall serve to the Learning and Development Interventions (LDI) needs of all Human Resources for Health (HRH), whether from the public or the private sector. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the system operated by the Department of Health.

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Our Services

Offer eLearning courses for continuing professional development

The DOH Academy platform is a system managed by the Department of Health that hosts free eLearning courses that may be enrolled by human resources for health and other stakeholders anytime anywhere with the use of Information and Communications Technology devices such as computer or smartphone. The courses offered are self-paced, thus, it does not have deadline for the completion of the course and its requirements. These courses will help equip them with the additional knowledge on public health services and programs

Support professionals in complying with their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements

The courses uploaded in the platform are CPD units accredited. To verify the accredited courses and its credit units for each profession, visit the announcement tab of the platform. Accredited courses shall automatically generate CPD certificates upon completion of the course and shall be sent through your registered e-mail address

Who can use the DOH Platform

The DOH Academy platform offers a wide array of user accounts. For this purpose, all users must:

  • Use the same name that you use in your daily life
  • Provide accurate information about yourself
  • Create only one account
  • Not share your password or give access to others on your account
Additional Provisions

Updating our Terms

We work constantly to improve our services and develop new features for you. We will notify you through your registered emails for any changes or updates on these terms and give you an opportunity to review them and decide whether you want to continue on using the system. If in case that you do not agree with any of the provisions in the updated terms and no longer want to continue with the use of the system, you may request to disable your account through the contact details below.

Account suspension

If we determine that multiple accounts were registered under the same name, we shall suspend or permanently disable access to your account. You may contact us if your account has been disabled or if you think that we have disabled your account by mistake. If we have disabled your account, these Terms shall be terminated as an agreement between you and us.

Data Policy

In order for us to provide full access to all the features in the system, we must process information about you.

Information you provide

We collect the information you provide us when you sign up for an account and analyze them for the purposes described below.

Your usage

We collect the information about how you use our products such as the courses you enroll with and your progress on courses which we use for improving the services that we offer and other purposes listed below.

We use these information as described below.

Provide measurement and analytics

We use the information we have to generate reports to measure the success of the program. This helps us to develop action plans to improve the system or offer additional features for you.

Communicate with you

We use the information we have to send you your certificates upon completion of the course, let you know more about the system, let you know about the updates on our terms and policies and respond to your inquiries when you contact us

CPD reporting

We use the information we have to comply with the reporting requirements for CPD accredited programs.

Reporting of Trainings Attended

For DOH employees, your data will be used for reporting trainings attended in compliance with the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and other Human Resource Actions.

When your account is disabled, you will not be able to access your account but all information collected during registration and usage records shall be stored by the DOH Academy platform.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the terms of use and policy, you may contact us at